Wallace Thaung Win Tun


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Licensed Freelance Tour Guide G-9051
The Myanmar is rich in Natural resources, Her Religious Heritages Building, Her Ancient Kingdome, Her Flora and Fauna and her indigenous Mountain Range entertain the Visitors with the help of Adventure, Nature & Cultural Tour Guide.
As I am Adventure, Nature & Cultural Tour Guide, So Far, as I am serving My best Quality Tour service in Myanmar with Backroads Co-Leader,Exo Travel Adventure Department, Cruise tour Leader at Pandaw River cruises with andaman Explorer, ICS Travel Group and Explore UK. since 25th December 2012 Up-to-present precisely guiding in the field of Cycling, Trekking, Hiking and Kayaking through Myanmar thousands of miles a year as well as Classical tour guide and cultural tour guide through Myanmar.

Cycling through the whole Myanmar and visit, assist my clients about Biking , Bike repairing , educating about Biking, Bike Fixing and get my experienced to them for iconic picturesque view to take photo and engage my clients with locals to understand and to educate the locals in rural area of My untouched and unspoiled Nature , Culture and Land.
Assist The International Tour Leader , preparing the trip plan together, getting Ready for Bike setup, arrange local logistic on behalf of DMC Logistic. Keep branding unique . Assist the clients special needs and common requests by discussing with Head Tour Leader. Arrange a local team as happy working environment for The Company they work, etc.......

Spoken languages: English


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